Tel: +84 28 3995 2087
Hotline: +84 918 531 038 
(Mr Tuyen- The Resort Manager)
Adresse: No 750/1/3K, Nguyen Kiem St, 
Phu Nhuan Dist, Ward 4, Ho Chi Minh City.

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Vietnam uses 220V electricity national wide. In the South, outlets are often US-style flat pins. In the North, many outlets fit round pins. As the electrical current varies, use as surge protector when running sensitive electronic  equipment like laptops.

Key Contact:
Phone Numbers
Exit code:                 84
Police:                     113
Ambulance:           115
Fire:                         114
Information:         1080

Xe om (motor taxi): from 10,000 to 15,000VND/km
Public bus: 5,000VND/ ride
Recommend taxies: Mai Linh: (08) 3 822 6666 / Saigon: (08) 3 823 23 23

Xin chao (Hello)
Tam biet (Goodbye)
Cam on (Thank you)

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